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Meg B Marketing​

Managing your social media so you can go back to doing what you love. 


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I'm Megan, an expert in Social Media Marketing

I went from producing a #1 lifestyle TV show to producing extensive creative projects and social media strategies. I left the world of live television because I decided social media was just way more fun!

Now I help companies of all sizes make the most of their social presence, all without the constant need for checking in and keeping tabs. My commitment to creativity and strategy is changing the way owners handle social media management and growth. I’ve retained the same clients for years because of the partnership we’ve created and the ease I bring to their business’ social media.

As the owner and founder of Meg B Marketing, I specialize in solving your current social media problems. I create long-term content and strategy calendars that brings purpose back into your social footprint. I can help you grow your passion projects, marketing plans and social media strategies, allowing you more time to focus on the sides of your business you are passionate about.

When I’m not producing rockin’ social media content, you can find me binge-reading a good book or raiding the freezer for chocolate. 

Find me on Facebook, Twitter @megbsocial & LinkedIn @megbmarketing


My Services

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Focus on what you love

Complete management of the platforms that work best for your goals and business. This includes posting, engaging with comments, growth and content planning. Never worry about what to post to Facebook or Instagram again! 

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Create more content

Email campaigns and blog posts are an important element to a complete marketing strategy. Increase your SEO with optimized blogs and get your business in front of the right customers with email campaigns. 


Get the help and expertise you need

Creating a course or training? These larger creative projects are much more fun when you bring in someone to help! 

Not seeing your business' social needs fit neatly into any of these boxes? Schedule a free 15-minute call and let's talk about what you're looking for. 


Happy Client Testimonials

"Megan has been a dream come true for my business social media marketing. I have not been actively using my social media accounts to their full potential for many years due to a lack of time and knowledge of SM marketing strategies. She has nailed it for me. I have given her full reign to do her job and I have been very happy with her results. "

Matt M.

"I was so impressed with how quickly Megan could see what I was trying to do and without any hesitation she provided strategies I could start implementing right away, making me feel confident and excited to grow."

Erin S.

"I am extremely grateful for the expertise I got from Megan. She is extremely organized and always planning ahead. She took over my social media and the engagement went up tremendously. She was dedicated to helping my business grow and offered new ideas we hadn’t attempted and they were very successful."

Stephanie B.


Still wondering if I can help with your business? Let's talk.

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