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Your 2020 Holiday Marketing Calendar

Don't shoot the messenger, but 4th Quarter kicks off in just a few weeks, and the holiday season is practically here. Do you have a marketing plan? Looking at the entire 3-month timeline is more effective than taking it a week or two at a time and hoping it comes out cohesive.

I'm going to help you get ready. Ok? Ready? Let's go.

First- what are your goals for the holidays?

Do you have products ready to get moved off the shelves? Are you selling your course at a killer price? Or maybe you're like me and want to keep the momentum you've been building the last few months. This is going to look different for everyone. Write down what the perfect holiday season looks like for your company and 2-3 specific goals.

Second- take note of important dates.

Go ahead and screenshot these lists to reference when you're starting to build out your content calendar. If and how you incorporate these holidays is totally dependent on your brand voice and audience. Not every day will apply to you, or every day will, that's something you'll have to figure out.

Third- start big and then go small.

My favorite way to create a content calendar and social media strategy is starting with the big picture and then getting smaller. So for the 4th quarter, first block out the big sales you have going on. Write down when you're going to share holiday hours or last chance for delivery by Christmas. This should be pretty easy, and if this isn't your first holiday season, you probably have these bigger themes ready to go in your mind.

Once you've blocked out the main dates, you can zero in a bit on your next level of strategy. Do you want to share fun fall ideas in October? When would that make sense? If winter comes early where your audience lives it might not fit to be sharing fun outdoor fall ideas at the end of the month. This is where you start creating a seamless strategy and where you can save some stress and late nights down the road.

You can take it a step further and get even smaller- focusing on individual dates. Outside of the big holidays, is there a day or a funny holiday you want to celebrate? Once you get to this step, you're writing out what you're posting, when you're posting it, and on what platform.

You don't necessarily need to have every post planned out at this stage. Creating an overall marketing calendar allows you to create full content calendars 2-3 weeks out in more detail. I recommend doing this process before October hits and then scheduling time for batch creating and content planning every 2 weeks.

And the good news? If this is overwhelming and you'd rather get teeth pulled than do this kind of thing-- I can help! Fill out my contact form, and we can chat.

Happy holidays everyone! It will be here before you know it.

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