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How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram released Reels about a month ago, and it's quickly becoming the hottest resource available to you and your Instagram strategy. If you're still feeling stuck and uncomfortable, here are a few ways you can incorporate Reels into your content calendar.

Teach Something

Reels are not just dancing. In fact, I think the majority of Reels now are NOT dancing. As an expert in your field, you get to teach! Reels are short, so share one thing at a time. This can be you talking on camera, voice-over a video, or just text motion graphics.

Ideas: Answer a FAQ Share an industry "hack"

Did you know.....?

Tell a Story

I got sucked down the "Love Story" Reels black hole the other day (anyone else??), and as cheesy as those teen love stories are, they get views for a reason. I'm not telling you to spill your guts like that (unless it fits your brand!), but it shows the power of a good story.


A hard lesson you've learned recently The best advice you've ever gotten How your business got started

Share Your Wins

This is a fun spot to humblebrag! You can share your success, establish credibility, and authentically promote yourself. This can be done through music and text popping up on the screen, motion graphics, or a casual selfie video.

Ideas: Client success story Celebrating new members, customers, subscribers Read a recent review and thank them publicly

Bonus: Repurpose Content

I will sing this song until I'm old and gray. If you have a great Instagram feed post scheduled, see how you can turn some of it into a reel. If you're sharing 4 tips, jump on camera and share one of them to Reels and then plug the rest of them in your latest post. Take the brand video you're posting and shorten it down to a Reel. Remember, Reels are getting the biggest organic traffic right now. You're better off posting a video on Reels than your feed.

A few things to note: Make sure when you're sharing your Reels you're sharing to your feed and publicly. Even if you don't like how it looks on your perfectly crafted feed, it brings more eyes to your post. You can go in the next day and remove from your home feed, so your esthetic stays nice.

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