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5 Ways to Use 1 Piece of Content

I talk about repurposing your content a lot. I talked about it in my 2020 Holiday Marketing Calendar post and even last week when we reviewed Reels. Today I want to give you some IRL examples of how to do this. I know I learn and process new information better when someone SHOWS me exactly what they mean.

So, here are 5 ways to reuse 1 piece of content.

I'm going to use my latest blog post about Reels as our example.

1. Create a graphic

This might be the easiest and quickest way to reuse content. Here's an infographic I made in less than 5 minutes

Pretty cool, right? Graphics are always a great way to help people digest information, especially if they don't want to click on a blog post.

2. Add audio

One of my favorite things to do for myself and clients right now is to add audio to their social media posts. Make sure you're putting captions on and you've got an engaging piece of content with awesome organic reach. Find a few things to focus on, and then record yourself sharing the information. Upload to your computer, use a program like Waave to create an audio graphic, and boom. You're all set.

3. Video

You can turn a blog post into a whole YouTube video, or you can jump on Stories and chat for a few seconds. Video has several different directions depending on your comfort and skill level.

4. Social post

I know all of the ideas I've given so far are technically social posts, but this is a bit different. Sometimes you might feel like you have to have an incredible photo or professional graphic every time you want to say something online. But guess what? You don't. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all places you can just SAY something, without showing something. It might feel weird and incomplete, but the variety never hurt anyone.

5. Turn it into an email

There's no need to reinvent the wheel (but can we please reinvent that phrase? I need a new one). If you have a blog post you really love, send out an email to your list using that same content! You don't have to share the blog post link, just adjust a bit and write it as an email. Here's an example of what I'd send out to my imaginary list.

Hey friends! I've heard from so many of you that Reels is still stressing you out. While I WANT you to take advantage of the incredible organic reach its giving people, I don't want you to lose sleep over it. Here are three ideas to get you out of your funk and hopefully spark some creativity and ideas for your feed: |

Teach Us Something This is my personal favorite because I love the Reels that teach me something! Hard pass on the dancing, give me life hacks, please!

Share Your Wins This is such a fun spot to share your success. Let other people celebrate with you!

Tell a Story Those dang teenage love story Reels get me every time! And guess what? I love hearing stories from other business owners and I bet you do too. Tell me that story in 30 seconds? I love it even more.

I hope this helps! Reply and let me know how it went after you tried it. Talk soon,


See how I just reworded and added some email personality? It doesn't have to be complicated!

I hope this post helped and sparked some ideas for you to repurpose and reuse your old content. Good luck!

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