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3 Steps to Building a Better IG Following

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

If you’re not interested in paying for ads that bring eyeballs to your posts and follows to your account, here are some of the top ways to increase your reach and engagement, and ultimately followers, on Instagram.


Even if your account isn’t a person’s name, you’re still a person. And so are the people looking to follow you.

Spend time on IG scrolling, liking, and genuinely commenting to your ideal customer. Leave advice, laugh with them, or thank them for sharing XYZ.

Just stop doing the flame emoji. We’re done with that one.


People like to feel the love. And if you’re sharing their stuff, chances are they’ll be happy about it. THERE IS A RIGHT WAY AND A WRONG WAY TO DO THIS.

Wrong way: screenshot their pic, crop and post it as your own. Right way: Screenshot their pic, crop and then tag them in the image and the FIRST LINE of your caption.

Wrong way: Consistently use 3-5 people’s content only. Right way: Do some work. Find other people who are posting content that is relevant to your own feed. Spread the love, don’t just profit from someone else’s work

Wrong Way: Never ask permission. Never apologize when someone asks you to remove it. Right way: Ask in the comments if you can repost. Wait for their response. Repost if they say yes.


It’s time to get on IG stories. It’s past time. THIS IS WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. You can find your own groove and rhythm but stick with it. Show your face. Create a graphic or two. And then save them to your highlights. Share what you just posted on your feed to your stories. Go more in-depth during a live video.

I know it might seem like other accounts are constantly getting more and more followers without putting in "that much" work. But they are either 1. putting in that much work, or 2. paying for those followers.

If you don't want to do any of these things, that's ok! But if you're wanting to grow a little, try it and let me know what happens!

- Meg

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