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What Facebook's 2020 Report Means for You

In case you're wondering how serious some people take social media, the answer is VERY SERIOUS. Facebook just released a 34-page report on the trends for 2020.

Why should you care?

Well, Facebook is really good at predicting trends and seeing things before anyone else. SO, if you want to jump on the train before it leaves the station- it's worth looking into.

The report for The United States starts by focusing on the trend of self-care. Milk baths, sea salt and mood music. Basically, if your business can work in these topics in your social media strategy in any possible way that makes sense: DO IT.

Examples: photography studios set up photos shoots and get some really pretty and unique milk bath shots. Boutiques create your own mood music playlist and share what you're playing in your stores. Foodies- use sea salt.

As Facebook's report states, "As people continue to discuss their bath routines, “me time” is becoming an opportunity to connect"

Do you agree with these trends? I feel like milk baths are a bit "yesterday", but I could be wrong!

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